Winner of the Judges’ Award for contribution to the industry at the Insurance ERM 2021 Awards

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Congratulations to the Actuaries Covid-19 Response Group (ARG) whose excellent work during the pandemic has been recognised at the Insurance ERM 2021 Awards🏆.

This recognition of ARG’s work comes almost a year to the day since the group came together and just as it passed a key milestone of publishing its 100th bulletin.

ARG is made up of actuaries and non-actuaries with a range of relevant specialisms, many of whom had been individually tracking the pandemic and working on possible outcomes before being approached to join the group.

Chris Cundy, Editor at Insurance ERM said “All the volunteer members of the group have made a superb effort to research and communicate crucial information about Covid-19. They have really showcased the risk management and modelling skills of actuaries, and their work has been recognised throughout the industry and to the very top of government”.

Here’s an excerpt from Stuart McDonald’s post on the ARG blog.

The ARG’s story began a year ago on 10 March 2020 where a group of actuaries got together to discuss our concerns about the oncoming crisis. The UK had 373 confirmed cases and 7 deaths, and the World Health Organisation had not yet declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic, but there was no doubt within the group that, in the words of Tan Suee Chieh, “a tsunami is coming”. This was the first meeting of what became the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group.


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