Valedictory Speech at the 2021 IFoA Annual General Meeting

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The IFoA AGM has two highlights – the election of the council members, and the valedictory address which includes and the presentation of the President’s Awards.

My speech covered the extraordinary and successful year the IFoA and the profession had. The pandemic has clearly been the dominant issue of my term. I am immensely proud of how we as actuaries have responded to this existential crisis for humanity, and the contribution we have collectively made in addressing it.

I was particularly pleased and proud of the CoVID-19 Actuaries Response Group, Actuaries for Transformation Change, and the Thought Leadership Program at the IFoA. All these set the impetus context for the cultural transformation of the profession. There were of course other ground-breaking achievements – examinations going online, significant improvement in governance arrangements and appreciation for the need for more to be done.

We have embraced making changes in how we think about learning, about where actuaries will be working in the coming years, and about how and how rapidly the IFoA itself needs to change. The progress we have made has been greater than we could have imagined 12 months ago, some achievements are indeed ground-breaking, but we still have some way to go, to bring the notion of a truly culturally transformed IFoA alive to our members.

View President’s Awards (Presentation slides)

I will elaborate on the reasons why I make awards to these people and groups and share further not widely known information about them in the following weeks.