Think of 🐉 Dragon (้พ™) In Bruce Lee (ๆŽๅฐ้พ™)

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IG-July โ€“ Brucelee-Dragon-1

โ€œA dragon, that successfully conveys the mobility of mind that makes it possible to allow things to evolve freely without the slightest difficulty or effort. The dragonโ€™s flexible body has no fixed form; it weaves and bends in every direction, contracting in order to deploy itself, coiling up in order to progress. It merges so closely with the clouds that, borne constantly along by them, it advances without the slightest effort.

Its movement is hardly distinguishable from that of the clouds. In the same way strategic intentionality should have no particular plan, and so can adapt to every twist in the situation and profit from it. The leader does not act, does not dissipate or expend his energies in any predetermined action but instead, in the manner of the infinitely supple body of the dragon, makes the most of the ever-changing situation so as to advance continually along with it, in a state of constant evolution.โ€ (Excerpt from Treatise on Efficacy by Francois Julien)

Tag someone you know who believes that agility and the ability to adapt and innovate is critical in the ever-changing business climate.