The Orange Revolution

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Orange is our colour.
Orange is the colour of passion and the colour of change.

Throughout history, the Orange uprisings signaled a transition –
a spirited quest driven by people to improve the world around them.
Inspired by a cause, people raise a rallying flag of Orange, because it is a colour of change.

Our Orange Revolution is about changing the rules and changing the game.

The Cultural Revolution was about Excellence and doing things well
This Orange Revolution is about doing different things and doing things differently
To make it different and to make the difference – to be Extraordinary.
To fight inertia, to banish stagnancy and to conquer complacency.

From Made Different to Orange Moments.

We find the pain, and change the game.
We adopt a new mindset, to do something different
We live the spirit of innovation and revolution and have a “can do” attitude.
We free ourselves from our past practices and industry assumptions.
We Make it Different.
This is the Orange Mindset.

We mobilize and motivate our people.
We share our vision and our narrative.
We engage one another and our customers.
When we are engaged, we Make a Difference.
When we make a Difference,
We are the Orange People

And Orange People ask, “what else is possible?”
For the next 1500 days, we will ask “what else is possible?”
We want to transform how the game is played
We want to bring change from inside to the game outside
From Made Different to Orange Moments

We have the power to change the world we see today,
but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning.
And we will make this new beginning.

Ask, “what else is possible?” Think Orange. Be Extraordinary.

This is our Orange Revolution. The best is yet to come.