Strategy, Culture And Governance

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In my upcoming Presidential address, I will be addressing IFoA’s VSMD strategy, culture and governance.

The last piece will be on thought leadership. As a profession, we must direct our attention to society’s most pressing problems which sit at the heart of public interest. We must step out of the shadows and engage more widely to influence reforms.

Whilst we do not have all the answers, we can help rethink the questions through the long term and risk management lens which characterise the history and tradition of our beloved profession. This is our obligation.

You can catch this live on youtube on Thursday at 930 am BST.

Frank Redington’s 1958 Presidential address warned us of the danger that we may be too close in our preoccupation with our particular techniques. Whilst our real strength lies elsewhere: in a broad training whose firm roots are in mathematics and statistics, but whose branches reach out into all the bustle of humanity.