The Frank Redington Prizes

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I’m delighted to share that the IFoA has just launched the Frank Redington Prizes to encourage and promote thought leadership in the actuarial science. This open essay competition welcomes applicants from across the globe, both within and outside of the actuarial profession.

Calls for submission will focus on two topics:

1) What would be a sustainable economic and finance system for the public interest?

2) What would be a sustainable and effective UK pension system for the people?

Entries should include original thinking, practical solutions, an analysis of risks and opportunities, and proposals supported by evidence where necessary. Essays should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length.

Each first prize will be awarded £12,500. Second prize winners will receive £7,500 and those awarded third prize will receive £5,000.

The idea of the Frank Redington Prizes grew out of the IFoA’s ‘Finance in the Public Interest’ series in March 2021. This is the natural next step, allowing us to continue the conversation on some of the key debates raised during those discussions.

We are casting the net as far and wide as possible, looking for fresh strategic thinkers who are not afraid to challenge orthodoxy and put forward radical challenge in a way that supports our public interest commitment.

We would like to thank our sponsors Milliman and Punter Southall for helping to support this endeavour.