The Declaration

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Excerpts of a speech at a town hall meeting with 1,600 NTUC Income staff and insurance advisers by Mr Tan Suee Chieh, the new CEO of NTUC Income.

Today marks a new beginning for NTUC Income. As we move forward, we must renew our commitments to our stakeholders and raise our own sights higher and further.

Let every customer know, that we will work always with your interests at heart. Every decision we take is calculated to protect your interests individually and as a whole. It is for you, that Income exists.

Let every competitor know, that with sweat, energy and determination we will compete with you on the platform of transparency, value for money and customer service, not for shareholder profits, but for the betterment of the people of Singapore.

Let every trade unionist know, that whilst we modernise Income and take it to greater heights, it is not a sign that we betray our roots, but we seek to perpetuate our relevance to serve both you and future generations of Singaporeans to come.

Let every partner know, whether you are an independent financial intermediary, a corporate agent, a car distributor, a motor workshop, a broker or a supplier, that we seek not to compete with you but to work with you, in a spirit of genuine partnership, to give our customers greater choice and better value.

Let our patron and supporter, the NTUC, and the people of Singapore know, that we are committed to our social cause. In line with the aspirations of the Labour Movement, we will be inclusive in our approach, so that we will serve wider segments of the Singaporean society, and that our actions and behaviours will bring you and the nation pride and joy.

To our insurance advisers, let me say this, we have a great opportunity, an opportunity which we must grab with both our hands. With our strengths and our social purpose, your work is not just work. It is a cause; a cause to ensure every Singaporean is adequately protected against the uncertainties of life, and secured with a prosperous future, so that they can have the peace of mind to build Singapore today.

To our staff, let me say this. We have a great responsibility. A responsibility to do what is right for our customers, first time and every time. A responsibility which we all must welcome – because this is how we ensure our relevance, and more importantly, this is the right thing to do. And all of us have a great opportunity to grow with Income’s success.

To our managers and the leaders in the company, let me say this. The time to exercise leadership is now. We have a lot to do and we must do them. Supported by a strong board with good minds and by a patron with the right heart, we can exercise our leadership confidently, secure with our belief that the pursuit of commercial excellence for a social purpose is unrivalled as the highest meaning in our professional lives.

My colleagues. We are a great co-operative, but the best is yet to come.