Statements & Presentations.

IFoA Presidential Update

It has been slightly more than six months since I became your President in an extraordinary year, and I want to give you a progress update on the five pillars of change that I spoke about in my presidential address back in June. Also, I want to describe to you how my own understanding, appreciation, and engagement with the IFoA deepens, as we continue our journey and develop our narrative. Most importantly, I would like to remind you of the journey we have started.

10th Anniversary On The Merger That Formed The IFoA

In the IFoA 10th anniversary celebration video, I took the opportunity to reiterate our need to reinvent ourselves as we celebrate the 10 anniversary of the merger of two proud and august actuarial institutions (one English, the other Scottish), each with their distinctive intellectual tradition and history. We now look forward to a brave new world where we exercise our influence globally in our ambition to make a difference in the industries we work in and beyond.

IFoA Presidential Address

“The global Covid-19 crisis has prompted new ways of doing things both in our professional and personal lives. We now have a unique opportunity to shape the future, instead of simply responding to it. I think it is imperative that the IFoA takes this opportunity to reinvent itself for the digital age and for a rapidly transforming social agenda. Now more than ever, the actuarial profession must consider how it can best contribute to social impact and influence policy and regulatory change in the public interest around the world. [...]"

IFoA Presidency Campaign Statement

My candidacy is about the transformation of our profession to ensure we thrive in a digital future. My case for transformation was outlined in my presentation to the Council on Strategy Day in October 2018. Our profession is currently protected in a “safe and secure” box. Many of us, when we qualified, was assured of a secure future. The same cannot be same of actuaries who qualify today. This “safe and secure box” has become increasingly porous with data scientists entering into our midst. [...]

IFoA Council Campaign Statement

Responding to the needs of our profession . Francis Bacon said he held every man a debtor to his profession” and “by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto”. I hope my skills, knowledge and experience, acquired over a 36-year career in insurance, cooperatives and organisational change, may be brought to bear in serving our profession. [...]

Outstanding CEO of the Year 2012 – Award Acceptance Speech

In 1844, the modern cooperative movement was born in the English town of Rochdale in Lancashire, at the climax of the Industrial Revolution. Social structures and trust in institutions were breaking down, urbanisation and average income levels were rising rapidly, but so were income inequality and poor living conditions. The people became increasingly sceptical of the ability of the state and employers to provide financial security. Hence, they came together to cooperate and help one another achieve thrift, economy and security. The cooperative movement was born in response to the needs of the time. [...]

The Orange Revolution

Orange is our colour.
Orange is the colour of passion and the colour of change.
Throughout history, the Orange uprisings signaled a transition –
a spirited quest driven by people to improve the world around them. [...]

Our Cultural Revolution

It is a revolution which calls for neither fear nor blood
It calls for courage and for commitment
It is not a revolution which pits one against another
It unites our people to be the best people they can be [...]

The Declaration

Excerpts of a speech at a town hall meeting with 1,600 NTUC Income staff and insurance advisers by Mr Tan Suee Chieh, the new CEO of NTUC Income. [...]