IFoA Council Campaign Statement

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Responding to the needs of our profession

Francis Bacon said he held every man a debtor to his profession” and “by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto”.

I hope my skills, knowledge and experience, acquired over a 36-year career in insurance, cooperatives and organisational change, may be brought to bear in serving our profession.

Career highlights

Graduated from LSE in 1981, I “grew-up” and served the Prudential for 20 years. Joined Prudential in London, returned to Malaysia and Singapore in 1986 on qualifying as FIA. Initially company actuary, eventually CEO of Prudential Singapore, lastly Regional MD of Prudential Asia – responsible for life and GI businesses in a number of countries. Active in local actuarial and insurance organisations.  After a stint in organisational psychology (2001-2006), and Asia Pacific President of British consultancy firm, SHL plc, I returned to insurance as CEO, NTUC Income (2007), a large domestic composite insurance co-operative, and eventually GCEO of the holding company, which spans a number of different businesses. Active member of global EXCO of Manchester-based International Cooperatives and Mutual Insurance Federation ICMIF 2007-2015.

Awards include Outstanding Young Malaysian, 1988; Asian Best Life Insurer 2000; Outstanding CEO of the Year, Singapore, 2013; Singapore Children Society, Ruth Wong’s award, 2013

Thought leadership

Although I’ve not participated actively in IFoA in recent years, I have been active in international cooperative organizations and have written and presented widely on topics which are of interest to the actuarial profession – for e.g. evaluation of performance of life businesses; risk, change and leadership in Asian insurance markets; the capital conundrum of cooperatives; lessons from the global financial crisis; right consumer outcomes; and organizational transformation.

Why do I want to be a Council member

IFoA has made great strides in Asia in recent years. If elected, I will apply my energies in making it more influential and impactful in the wider society.

The world is at an inflexion point of instability and disruptions; technological, demographic, climate and economic changes. I am committed to work beyond our traditional boundaries of our disciplines  and seek to be bolder in our imagination as data scientists and risk architects; to create multi-disciplinary solutions to perpetuate our value and relevance. Our rigour and depth are springboards for action and influence. The time is right to reinvent our profession.

I have the passion, commitment and conviction to advance this vision.

Thank you.