R Number Modelling Hackathon

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If you are interested in modelling the Covid-19 pandemic, this is your chance! As part of the webinar series “Actuarial Innovation in the Covid-19 Era”, the IFoA is inviting you to take part in the R Number Modelling Hackathon.

Form a team of 4 – 6 members to take part in this quick-paced challenge. This is a great opportunity to join in the conversation on current issues. Your insights, perspectives and output could help in shaping pandemic modelling going forward.

A brief overview of the hackathon

On 29th April, teams will each receive details of the hackathon challenge at 09:00 (BST/UTC+1). Each team will need to collaborate, analyse data and draw conclusions to form two outputs:

  • Links to your data set with instructions and any analysis code.
  • A summary paper describing data analysis and conclusions (3-4 pages).


Teams will need to submit their responses by 4 May 23:59 (BST/UTC+1).


More information on the hackathon

Hackathon Overview

Hackathon FAQs

Hackathon Registration