Professionalism. Thought Leadership. Social Impact.

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In a recent ProActuary interview, Mark Farrell PhD FIA asked me about professionalism and the IFoA (Institute and Faculty of Actuaries) actuary, and how we can be thought leaders and make a social impact.

The IFoA’s VSMD (Vision, Skillsets, Mindsets and Domains) strategy aims to perpetuate the profession’s relevance, influence and impact not only in our workplace but also in the industries we operate and the society we live in.

Our role as risk professionals and our public interest role enshrined in our Charter, oblige us to speak up on the sustainability and efficacy of the systems we operate in. How can we be effective risk managers and make financial sense of the future when we cannot make sense of the present?

The IFoA and the profession can have a stronger voice to help reform systems which are not sustainable and not just be a rule-taker. We must engage more widely and more confidently to influence reforms. We must truly step outside of our shadows.

The adoption of the Climate Risk Report is one significant and concrete step in the right direction.