Presidential Update 2021

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2020 has been a remarkable year. A year of globally felt uncertainty. The first in my lifetime.

For the IFoA, our Executive team and staff responded with resilience and sense of purpose despite the uncertainty, insecurity and personal distress which COVID-19 brings.

Members of the IFoA working in the practice and corporate boards, management board, council, the newly formed IFoA Foundation and agile working groups like Project Moonshot, Galaxy, ICAT (IFoA CoVID-19 Action task Force), informal groupings like  COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group and  Actuaries for Transformational Change and independent directors came together, worked assiduously, took some  hard decisions and responded with purpose and courage.

In unexpected ways, IFoA and the profession has emerged stronger more purposeful and more ready for change. We are making strides in our cultural transformation and strategy implementation. Thank you all.

We are more ready for change. Let us make 2021 the Year of Transformation.

 In my Presidential Update on 12 January, I will give a progress report for 2020 and unveil our plans for 2021. I will continue to share our journey and narrative as my own understanding, appreciation, and engagement with the IFoA, its people and all of you, grow and develop.

The Update will take place on the 12 January 2021 at 08.30 (UTC) via live stream and is free for all our IFoA members.

Book your space now! I look forward to seeing you on 12 January.