Presidential Speaker Series – The New Long Life

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Drawing from his most recent book “The New Long Life” and his longevity research, Professor Andrew J. Scott  will outline how longer lives and new technologies will fundamentally reshape how we structure our lives and transform the economy.

With a unique perspective as a global economist, professor, and government advisor, he draws upon a range of disciplines. His ground-breaking work on longevity, economics, and the value and effect technology and longevity combined, will have on the wider society, is shaped by his professional connections to academia, industry, social pioneers and policymakers around the world.

As our lives grow longer and technologies render many skills, we have obsolete, we too require updating and reinvention! A new approach and mindset are required to navigate the future. In terms of our identities and attitudes, what work and play mean, how to sustain meaningful and healthy relationships with our peers and the generations before and after us.

We need to redesign our lives to flourish. The philosophy here mirrors the thinking and thesis of the IFoA’s V.S.M.D. Strategy.

I will be engaging Professor Scott next Tuesday on the practical implications on how we should organise ourselves to thrive in this digital and uncertain world.

This online webinar is FREE for IFoA members and £45.00 for non-members. For more information and bookings, tap the link on my bio

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About the Presidential Speaker Series

As part of its renewed approach to and focus on thought leadership within the profession, the IFoA is introducing a new series of monthly webinars: The Presidential Speaker Series. Beginning in January 2021, the series seeks to convene experts in fields connected with the work of actuaries and the sectors they work in, with the IFoA’s community, to provide stimulating debate and thought leadership on the important issues of our time.

For bookings to this event, go to: Andrew J. Scott