Presidential Speaker Series: Cultural Transformation of the Profession

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Presidential Speaker Series: Cultural Transformation of the Profession

The final panel event of the Presidential Speaker Series – The Cultural Transformation of the Profession – will see senior actuaries involved with the profession (both pre and post-merger) discuss the evolution of the IFoA and the actuarial community. Former IFoA President and chair of the session, Jane Curtis will be joined by fellow past Presidents Ronnie Bowie, Paul Thornton and immediate Past President Tan Suee Chieh, as well as Sally Bridgeland, the first management Board Chair post-merger.

They will reflect on the progress the profession has made in the last few years, the drivers for change in the years ahead and the steps actuaries will need take in order to remain relevant and influential. Drawing on their extensive experience and vast contributions to the profession over the last few decades, the panel will debate why actuaries need to adapt and move into wider areas – and how the IFoA’s VSMD strategy can support this reinvention.

Some of the likely discussion areas are

  • Our unique long term lens and the repositioning the profession for the wider fields
  • addressing the regulatory reforms taking place in public debate today, and what lessons can we learn from the past
  • and how as a body we can position ourselves to be more consequential in addressing the big societal challenges of our time.

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