Our Cultural Revolution

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It is a revolution which calls for neither fear nor blood
It calls for courage and for commitment
It is not a revolution which pits one against another
It unites our people to be the best people they can be

It is a revolution to orchestrate independence of thought, and the courage to express it
To establish that from now on, arguments will be won on the basis of merit, and not on position, status nor seniority
Of challenging every past practice and accepting that a past practice may  not be the best or even a necessary practice
It is a revolution of the way we organize ourselves, talk to one another and of our willingness to take ownership

It is a revolution of creating the spirit of innovation and creativity at all levels of the organization and not just the highest level
It is a revolution of our own pace, speed and sense of urgency, and not waiting for directions from the top
Of expressing our passion for excellence, and not of compliance and staying out of sight
And that power will, from now on, belong to those who have the ideas and the drive to execute, and to those who have the vision and determination to take Income to the new world of a transformed Singapore

It is a revolution of who we want to be and to make us proud to stand up for Income
On how we want the rest of the world to see us and to know us, and that henceforth, the world will know Income will not accept second best

It is a revolution of all our minds and all our hearts
It is a revolution to transform NTUC Income
It is a revolution to establish The New Order of Things