Longevity Bulletin by IFoA Actuaries

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Longevity Bulletin

ISSUE 12 October 2020
Oct Issue

The IFoA’s Longevity Bulletin is a publication that has been running for almost ten years, helping us to achieve a better understanding of the drivers behind mortality, morbidity and longevity.

While we like to think we understand a great deal about these subjects, the current pandemic has made us realise how much remains uncertain, unknowable and uncontrollable

I was delighted to write the Foreword in this issue of the Longevity Bulletin as President of the IFoA. I reiterated the importance of applying judgement, embracing of diversity, experimentation and adaptation in these extraordinary times; and their significance in the twin fields of pharmacological discovery and epidemiological research.

While much of the content in this issue predates the Covid-19 emergency, the themes remain relevant. A fascinating selection of topics covering both recent ‘negatives’ (the opioid crisis), well-known success stories (metformin for diabetics), and one area of growing concern – the problem of polypharmacy, or too many drugs. In one sense the pandemic puts these into perspective; in another, it makes us realise that chronic problems may end up more serious than temporary crises if they are allowed to grow unchecked, and their complexity not appreciated.

The bulletin is available to read now. Tap the link on my bio to access the digital copy! I hope you will enjoy reading as these articles are written by a very talented line-up of authors (many of them are actuaries). This is a great example of how the actuarial profession applies judgement and analysis during a global crisis to serve the public interest. This is our raison d’être.