2021 IFoA New Qualifiers

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On Tuesday 15 June, I was delighted to host the New Qualifiers ceremony online for 200 Fellows and CERAs, their partners and families, along with special guest Dr Patrick Poon. 

I was very moved by the recorded testimonials of the qualifiers on how hard they worked, what the achievement meant to them, and how they looked up to the IFoA and its professionalism, prestige and reputation. I said from now on, they no longer have to look up to the IFoA and its prestige and reputation. They are now the IFoA’s prestige and reputation. Young students are looking up to them because they now personify the IFoA. I asked them to make their qualifications count. 

In my speech, I said to qualify in 2020 and 2021 was to do so in the worst of times, and in the best of times. We are living through humanity’s worst catastrophes of our lifetime.  

The confluence of the IFoA’s VSMD’s strategy, the repositioning of the profession and the unfolding challenges brought by Covid-19 pandemic bring us unparalleled opportunities. How we respond as a profession will define this generation of actuaries.  

With our new skillsets and mindsets, we can do well and do good. To help address the radical uncertainty, systemic and sustainability challenges of our time, and bring forth a season of light and a spring of hope.   

Patrick Poon gave an engaging, thoughtful, and inspiring talk. Stephen Mann , CEO and Clifford Friend, Director of Engagement also gave very supportive and inspirational messages.  

Watch the full ceremony at https://youtu.be/t9h-cviZDCs

Watch testimonials of new qualifiers

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/OfLvGUYLMy8 

Part 2 – https://youtu.be/-3-spzlpNOo

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