Benefactor and Founder Patron of the IFoA Foundation

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The IFoA Foundation is a grant giving charity that aims to promote, advance and further its charitable purposes for the advancement of education, research and study in actuarial science and related subjects. The overarching mission of the Foundation is #ActuariesSupportingOthers. 

Generous contributions will boost the delivery of our charitable objectives – opening doors for the next generation of actuaries from all backgrounds and across the globe, creating opportunity where it did not previously exist, promoting inclusivity and social mobility and ultimately increasing the power of our profession to address critical issues.

I am delighted to support the IFoA Foundation during my year as President, and to do my part at this poignant moment with Christmas approaching and in the backdrop of an extraordinary and unprecedented year. We have a real focus on supporting the actuarial profession, both in the UK and overseas, and can bring so much good from this initiative.

To find out more about how you can get involved visit IFoA Foundation
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