"The actuary who is only an actuary is not an actuary."
- Frank Mitchell Redington


Uncertainty, Culture and Imagination

“I begin my Presidency by launching a new strategy with a focus on vision, skillsets, mindsets and domains for the profession. We want to enable our members and the profession to thrive in the digital age, and in a future filled with both uncertainty and opportunity. ” – Tan Suee Chieh

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FEB 24, 2020

Risk, Uncertainty, Psychology and Judgement.

We are confronted with a crisis which is unparalleled in a generation. We could not have conceived of this unprecedented event at the beginning of this year, how the threat of contagion could shut down the world, have such enormous impact on our daily lives and psychological well-being. 

Since January, we have been inundated with wall-to-wall coverage of COVID-19, ranging from the latest alarming statistics and political debates to practical medical (and lay) advice.  […]

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May 25, 2020

“Sixty-One Tips for Young Actuaries”. Here are sixty-one tips which I have distilled from my sixty one years of life for young actuaries. These lessons are roughly in the order of my  appreciating and applying them. […]

I just had a most engaging session with young actuaries from Zimbabwe who wanted me to share my journey as an actuary, my experience in the corporate world and working across cultures. They were also keen to find out my views on AI and machine learning, implications for the profession and how to invest. They reminded me of myself in my early years.

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Think. Mobilise. Influence. Change.
We are a group of concerned IFoA actuaries who believe we can make a difference.

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Learn. Share. Educate. Influence.
To help actuaries and others understand and respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

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"The first principle of success is constancy of purpose."

Tan Suee Chieh

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