Culture Matters Deeply

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Every month, I have the opportunity to write a short column for The Actuary, sharing the page with Stephen Mann, the new IFoA CEO.

This month Stephen writes about “the way we do things” and the cultural transformation at the IFoA as we move to an increasingly member centric culture. Matrix teams have been set- up, key account management in place as we aim at a holistic end to end experience. Stephen himself has talked to 60 employers worldwide – this is fantastic!

In my presidential address, I said, “Culture matters. Culture matters deeply. “

In fact, in a world of transformational change, culture is the only thing that really matters. Our reinvention is really about the cultural transformation of the profession. And the reinvention of the profession would not happen if we did not transform the culture of the IFoA because it is the IFoA who will have to execute our strategy.

We must create a culture where we are agile, accountable and responsible and where we place

  • relevance and engagement alongside compliance and standards
  • speed and responsiveness alongside reverence for process
  • celebration of excellence and diversity of ideas alongside conformity.

We must begin to think of ourselves as a network of communities with Staple Inn as the spiritual hub, supported by a proactive, responsive, and motivated Executive Team at Holborn Gate.


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