Climate Risk Virtual Dialogue Series

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Climate Risk Virtual Dialogue Series

I am glad to join prominent actuaries and academics to discuss the Role of Actuaries in Climate Risk and how actuaries should approach Climate-Related Stress Tests in the Singapore context.

There have been various industry efforts and regulatory developments on sustainability and climate risk. In the context of local developments in Singapore. This conference brings together leading academics, the insurance regulator, senior actuaries and chief risk officers to present and discuss the strategic involvement of actuaries and practical challenges in climate risk.

With a well-balanced mix of underlying experience across risk management, life & health, general insurance and investments, the session aims to provide further clarity on how to approach climate risk.

I will be positioning climate change as a symptom, and not a cause, of one of the greatest perils facing humanity.  We must go for a more fundamental reset for human society. There are 2-3 levels of possible interventions for actuaries – multidisciplinarity,  economic and political narratives and a more ethical society. I will speak to actuaries’ public purpose in this.

Nick Spencer – Chair of IFoA Sustainability Board will speak on 25 June.


  • Tan Suee Chieh, President IFoA
  • Elayne Grace, CEO Actuaries Institute
  • Michael Eves
  • William Song
  • Prof Benjamin Horton
  • Paul Wee (Moderator)


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