ASM Leadership Talk Series 2021 – Tips for senior actuaries

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Over the last 12 months, I have been talking to university students and actuaries commencing their careers – on areas like goal setting and developing the skillsets and mindsets required to achieve the goal of becoming an actuary.

In November last year, the Actuarial Society of Malaysia asked me to share my experience with but more senior and qualified actuaries, as part of their leadership talk series.

They wanted me to speak to lessons learnt after I qualified. Whilst getting an actuarial qualification is a great achievement, it is not a panacea to career fulfilment and life’s challenges. I will touch on middle-age crises, handling burnout, finding purpose, and meaning in work; relocating and switching employers, dealing with office politics and job insecurity.  

We agreed to title the talk “Tips for Senior Actuaries”

I am still preparing my talk. Some of the ideas I am likely to use

  • Knowing Thyself
  • Purpose and Meaning
  • Personal Brand
  • Understanding Transitions, Crisis and Burnouts
  • Four journeys of the Leader
  • Principles of Engagement
  • Kairos – Timing and Mindfulness
  • The New Long Life


For more information, visit Actuarial Society of Malaysia