Asia Conference 2021 – Speakers and Panellists

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Asia Conference 2021 webinar series

The IFoA has always been very proud of our Asia conferences since our first conference in Beijing in 2015. It has expanded in scope, attendance and popularity over the years. Last year, we designed a major conference in Kuala Lumpur, with an impressive line-up to coincide with my presidential inauguration. That was not to be, as COVID-19 shook the world. We swiftly changed gears and migrated the conferences online.

The IFoA has now taken the decision to make online conferences a preferred option enabling not only more to attend but also, we can now access the depth and range of speakers and panellists we have in the profession internationally.

The IFoA Asia Conference 26-30 July will feature

  • Louise Pryor, President of IFoA on Sustainability Risks: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Andrew Smith Honorary Fellow on Rethinking Risk Models after the Global Financial Crisis
  • Craig Turnbull, – Author, History of British Actuarial Thought on Lessons from History – In the context of Contemporary Actuarial Questions –
  • Nicola Oliver, founder of Medical Intelligence and Scott Reid Global Protection & Analytics Actuary on Managing Diabetic Risks for Better Outcomes

Other regional leaders who are participating include Anusha Thavanarajah, Hugh Terry, Bryce Shepherd, Sean Deehan, Annie Choy, Hitesh Shah, Robert Chen, Zainal Abidin Kassim, Raymond Cheung, Ellen Yang, Paul Sinnott, Haijin Wang, Khoo Kah Siang, Charchit Agrawal, Charlene Lee, Scott Reid, Lydia Williamson, Valerie Gilles-Coeur, Dr. Ji Yao, Rhys Gordon-Jones and Cynthia Yuan.

This will be the perfect opportunity for you to discover, ask questions and be at the forefront of current and developing actuarial topics and trends in Asia.

A number of the webinars are free and all webinars are free for students. Register your attendance