Advice for Thriving in the Digital Era

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In a recent video interview with Mark Farrell, Founder of ProActuary, I spoke on Culture and Psychology and what it meant for the actuarial profession in the digital era.

In the context of change brought forth by digital disruption, I outlined the case for “growth mindset“ and the need for a diversity of values and competencies for actuaries to secure and thrive in the future.

The application of mathematics is already undergoing a fundamental revolution because of advances of data science, machine learning and AI. So are the developments at the adjacencies of the domains we operate in. Genetics, behavioural finance, climate risk, internet of things, platform economics, pandemics, procyclicality and negative interest rates are all varying types and sources of uncertainty impacting the insurance, investments and pensions industry.

To thrive in the digital future, actuaries need to embrace new values of courage, imagination, curiosity, a learning mindset and ultimately judgement to complement our quintessential values of consistency, cautiousness and reticence.

To learn more on thriving in the digital era, pop over to my IGTV and watch the video now!

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