Behavioural Science Series with Dr Anthony Hodgson: Systems Thinking & Tragedy of Consciousness

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Behavioural Science Series with Dr Anthony Hodgson: Systems Thinking & Tragedy of Consciousness

We have entered an age which is invalidating most of the assumptions upon which our success up till now has depended. For example, in the global planetary society there can be no externalities. Although there is increasing clamour for new ways of thinking, sadly, our attempts to invent such new ways remain trapped in the same paradigms. The result is that we are faced with three tragedies. Firstly, the tragedy of the commons; secondly, the tragedy of horizons; thirdly, the tragedy of consciousness.

In this event, Dr. Anthony Hodgson will focus on the tragedy of consciousness, as he believes it is that which seriously exacerbates the other two. He will elaborate on three aspects of this third tragedy.

 Firstly, the way our brilliance at managing the complicated, blinds us from seeing how to manage the complex and the uncertain. Secondly, the way our quest for rationality has blinded us to our real presence in the world and our effect on it. Thirdly the way cultural conditioning is preventing us from releasing the creativity that he believes we have to mitigate and transcend our predicament of which the climate emergency and the pandemic are but symptoms.

The anticipatory governance and global perspective that we need requires us to be present as conscious beings, to develop other ways of knowing to complement our rationality and the creation of reflexive transdisciplinary cultures in which a whole systems inclusive approach is the norm.

I am delighted to chair the panel session which will be joined by Dr Erica Thompson, Senior Policy Fellow at the LSE Data Science Institute and Nico Aspinall, Chief Investment Officer at B&CE.

This event is free thanks to the generous sponsorship by Dr. Patrick Poon. Register to attend!