Actuaries making a mark. Stuart McDonald – BBC More or Less’s favourite actuary.

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I’m pleased to learn that last week Stuart McDonald was featured on a BBC Radio program ‘More or Less’, hosted by Tim Hartford. He was welcomed as the program’s favourite actuary.

Stuart, a qualified actuary with expertise in Longevity Risk and Insurance, shed light into questions such as ‘How fast are coronavirus cases doubling in the UK?’ Referencing from his in-depth study, which was published with the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group, Stuart spoke with authority and mastery on the rising hospital admissions and deaths in England.

Not only did he utilise our quintessential actuarial strengths in the analysis of data and communication, but he also framed his interpretation of data with courage, judgement and imagination in the name of public interest.

Together with Matthew Edwards and members of the COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group, they have spearheaded important and groundbreaking work on behalf of the actuarial profession. The energy, commitment and professionalism of the group is exemplary. We will look back to the formation of this group on 10 March 2020 as an important tipping point.

More than ever, the actuarial profession must consider how we can best contribute to social impact and influence policy and regulatory change in the public interest around the world.

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