Actuaries In New Paradigms

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Tesla is starting an insurance company. (Source: Business Insider)

“I would love to have some high-energy actuaries… I have great respect for the actuarial profession. You guys are great at math. Please join Tesla, especially if you want to change things and you’re annoyed by how slow the industry is. Tesla is the place to be. We want revolutionary actuaries.“ said Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is a paradigm shifting, revolutionary path-breaker. He is calling for actuaries to join him. Actuaries of the world, please respond to his challenge. Write to Tesla if this intrigued you.

Just to make a caveat, I am not a recruiter, but have a great desire to support the actuarial profession in our traditional areas and new areas. Tesla products are environmentally friendly and help in the goal of energy sustainability. This will fit into our social impact narrative well.