Actuaries for Transformational Change

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I am looking forward to delivering my presidential update tomorrow. I will touch on the five pillars of change which were enunciated in my presidential address back in June 2020.

I plan to bring to the foreground and celebrate some of IFoA’s thought leaders – our thinkers working on COVID-19, climate risk and artificial intelligence; and core areas of actuarial science like discounting, modelling and investments.

This will include Actuaries for Transformational Change (ATC). In the IFoA GIRO conference in November 2020, I explained the ATC’s origin, interests and aims. Head over to IGTV to view the conference segment on ATC.



About the Actuaries for Transformational Change

We are a group of actuaries who believe the actuarial profession could be more influential at the policy level governing the industries we work in and society at large. Our initial interests were economic thinking, climate change and sustainability. These issues are so intertwined with our systems and cultures that they often become irreducibly complex, “wicked” problems. Thus we believe a “systems thinking” approach is required. In March 2020, the COVID-19 crisis escalated to a global crisis of epic proportions, which is likely to fundamentally change the ways we work, live and play. Our work lives, modes of thinking, and social and family lives were shaken and simultaneously challenged on many fronts. We are struggling with complexity and uncertainty. We regrouped on 20 March, wanting to seize this moment of opportunity. We now see this crisis as a “burning platform” for humanity, our economic and political systems, and our cultural life. It provides a unique opportunity to rethink how we want to re-position the profession to have a greater influence in this world of complexity and uncertainty. 



About the Presidential Update 2021

 In my Presidential Update on 12 January, I will give a progress report for 2020 and unveil our plans for 2021. I will continue to share our journey and narrative as my own understanding, appreciation, and engagement with the IFoA, its people and all of you, grow and develop. Book your space for this online event