Actuarial Innovation in the Covid-19 Era (Webinar Series)

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Drawing on the broad range of activity undertaken by members across the IFoA, including the IFoA COVID-19 Action Taskforce (ICAT), the Actuaries Response Group, and the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI), the programme offers thought-provoking topics and innovative ideas aimed at actuaries wishing to hear about the experiences of their peers across the world during the global pandemic, as well as future projections that may impact the sector moving forward.

If you are interested in modelling the COVID-19 pandemic here’s your chance! Take part in the quick-paced challenge – R Rate Modelling Hackathon. Teams are welcomed!

Mark your calendar and join us for what we anticipate to be a diverse programme of international speakers moving the conversation forward about the effects of the pandemic and its impact on the future of the actuarial sector.

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