2021 IFoA Annual General Meeting

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This will be the second time we will be hosting the Annual General Meeting (AGM) online. 

Much has happened at the IFoA in the past year, both in response to the pandemic and more generally as we set our updated strategy for the next five years and began our work in earnest to implement it. We welcome questions about them at the AGM.

Highlights of the AGM:

1) Results of the IFoA Council elections. Nine out of fourteen will be elected.

2) In accordance with past practice, I will be making a valedictory address, and will present Presidents’ awards to eleven individuals and two groups, who in my judgement, have made a distinctive and material contribution in my Presidential year. I will also be presenting the Alan Watson award (created in 2020 in memory of Alan Watson) to a member whose work has not been visible and done behind the scenes, and unsung hero so to speak! 

Come and ask us questions, find out who the new council members and Presidential awardees are!