10th Anniversary On The Merger That Formed The IFoA

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In the IFoA 10th anniversary celebration video, I took the opportunity to reiterate our need to reinvent ourselves as we celebrate the 10 anniversary of the merger of two proud and august actuarial institutions (one English, the other Scottish) , each with their distinctive intellectual tradition and history. 

We now look forward to a brave new world where we exercise our influence globally in our ambition to make a difference in the industries we work in and beyond.

The issues humankind face are many and varied. Climate change, erosion of biodiversity, social injustice and discrimination, health and financial insecurity and the list goes on.

Why should we care?

We must care because we are long term risk professionals. We must take account the risks threatening the sustainability of the systems our models operate in, and give advice on. That would be our professional obligation.

We have to speak up and make a difference.

Below is the transcript.

“We members are very proud of the IFoA’s 170-year tradition and intellectual history. This week we are marking a landmark of just 10 years – the merger of the bodies originally known as the Institute of Actuaries of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland.

By 2010, the Faculty and the Institute were already well progressed in the journey from national to international bodies. The merger, though, represented a further commitment to this, to become ever more a influential voice for the actuarial profession around the world. As the first Asian President of the IFoA, I am a part of that movement and am extremely proud to be so.

The last ten years have been years of impressive progress and growth for the IFoA. We now enter our second decade. And though it is a time of great uncertainty, it is also a time of great opportunity for us to re-invent ourselves and to reposition the profession.   

Our determination and enthusiasm to ensure the profession adapt and thrive globally in this digital age and uncertain world remain undiminished and is stronger than ever before, thanks to the decision made by members 10 years ago.”